Friday, October 15, 2010

2SF's Friendzy Friday

I thought I would share with you today how to make your own Glittered Chipboard Letters!!

Things you will need are:  Bare Chipboard pieces or ones that you want to recover in some way, Some Paint, I like to use the same colour of paint as I do Glitter.  Some Glitter, and glitter glue, and a paint brush.

First Paint your letters using a couple coats to ensure good coverage.  Let die a few hours.

Next apply glitter glue to the the painted chipboard piece and apply the glitter generously.  Shake off excess glitter and save for future use.  Let the glue dry a few hours before using on your project.

This is the layout I created using my glittered Chipboard Pieces!


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Great tip, thanks!

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Dr. J said...

I love how this allows you to match old left over letters! Thanks Avril.