Saturday, August 28, 2010

Happy Birthday Dee!!!

It is Dee's Birthday and I just wanted to wish her a Happy Birthday! I made this card using my cricut for you!

on a side note... last year Dee and Regs were at my house when Lance Armstrong was doing his charity ride... He is doing it again this year today and I know that Dee would liked to have been here for this... this was taken this morning right outside my house! Dee I have a few more pic's for you to check out!

Hope you have a wonderful Birthday Dee!


Rosanne said...

Cute card!

Deanna said...

Ah thanks girl, the card is adorable! And a pic of Lance! Love him! where you on the step holding a sign that said Dee loves Lance!

Dr. J said...

What a nice card Avril. And happy birthday Dee!

cindy said...

I love me some ice cream. Wonderful

Milnie said...

hmmm yummie Ice cream, im sure Dee loved it!