Monday, April 23, 2012

Fish Bowl Centrepiece & Cricut Monthly Challenge

So while I was on a vinyl cutting craze, I need some weight to keep the umbrell stand in place so I created a little fish bowl to sit in the centre of the table!  It just so happens that this also coninsides with the Cricut Circle Monthly Challenge to make a centre piece!

Fish Bowl Centre Piece Instructions:

Circut Expression, Life is a Beach cartridge and layers from page, Luau Cartridge (Fish)

  1. Cut the at 5” from Dark Pink Vinyl and stop the cutting after the fish is cut.
  2. Cut the Layers for the fish from light pink Vinyl
  3. Cut the again at 5” from the Blue Vinyl and stop the cutting after the fish is cut.
  4. Cut the layers for the fish using the Dark Pink Viynl
  5. Apply the fish to the side of the Vase.
  6. Cut the fish from the Luau cartridge in flip mode at 4 ½ from light pink vinyl and yellow cardstock. Glue the yellow cardstock cut to the light pink vinyl piece.
  7. Cut the layer for the fish at the same size from green vinyl
  8. Apply green layers of vinyl to yellow cut fish and then attach to vase.
  9. Apply yellow stickles to the yellow layers remaining.
  10. Add Blue stickles dots to the blue fish
  11. Add pink markings to pink fish with fruit punch stickles


Rosanne said...

So cute!

Scrappin Dhilly said...

I absolutely love this!

Carolyn Wolff said...

What a great centrepiece for your table. I love the glass beads in the bottom and the vinyl works great to embellish. Nice job.

Laureen said...

Darling cute fish! I love the pink one! (giggles)

Deanna said...


Dr. J said...

So inspired Avril! And it was such a fun part of our table!

Nadia ( said...

What a fun idea!! Congrats on project of the day on the Cricut Circle blog!